Monday, August 13, 2012

and They Call It... Puppy Love

After a hellish weekend of Mr. Frustrating Stubborn Extraordinaire, we decided to try round 2 of the Doggy Park down the street last night to try to burn some energy out of this pup.  He just got his last round of shots a few days ago, and he was due for a bath anyway, so it was good timing.  

This dog park is different than some others in that there aren't separate sections for big dogs and little ones - so there was a good mix of different sized dogs in there.  I'm not sure I love it - I am much more comfortable with him around dogs of his own size, especially as a puppy.  

But it's the only one we've got, and he had a good time last time, so in we went, big dogs and all.  Of course when a new doggy arrives, all the others have GO SEE - and this was no exception.  We were there all of about 2 minutes however, when all of a sudden there was a gang up and all we could hear was Vasher yelping like he's never yepled before.  We both got scared, took action, and all the owners broke it up.  He got a little dirty, but no damage done, so we both breathed a sign of relief.  

He soon found someone his own size - another 4 month old puppy - a female Rottweiler named Zoe - and.. well...  after some VERY close "get to know yous"... yeah.... Our little guy got his first girlfriend.  

I apologize in advance... for some reason I can't embed the video here... so here's a link to it on YouTube.... 

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