Friday, August 10, 2012

Puppies are.... tiring

So it's been a Loooooong time - yeah yeah you heard that all before, but damn we're both exhausted.  Seriously our lives have been reduced to:

  • Wake up (yay it's been 6:30am lately - not 4:30am) - I play animal shuffle where I take the kitties down to the basement while Chris and Vasher are outside.  
  • Stay up and supervise Vasher (because he can't be trusted on his own for longer than 2 minutes tops on a good day) till it's time for his crate - includes feeding, the obligatory pee and poop, and playtime. Crate time around 7:50am on weekdays - 8:30-9 on weekends.  
  • Work (weekdays) / regain sanity (weekends)
  • Lunch = puppy out for an hour or so, less on weekdays, more on weekends.  Shuffle the kitties into my office room for the hour to shield them from that which is the Vash.
  • Work (weekdays) / regain sanity (weekends)
  • Afternoon = puppy back out around 4:30/5 - another Animal Shuffle to take the kitties back to the basement (which is finished, and has all their necessities - no worries, they are comfortable, if a bit mommy deprived down there) - then its..... VASHERTIME which includes Hunger Games (more to come on that), training, walks, fetch, keep away - basically anything we can do to keep him engaged, active, and preventing him from doing bad shit including chewing and digging on furniture, closet doors, and rugs.  We may or may not also try to play Jedi mind tricks on him that "you're tired.  Really... Vasher, you're tired."  It doesn't usually work... bummer.
  • 9:30 - approximate puppy crash time.  Yeah full 5 hours of VASHERTIME means 5 hour energy is getting a bump in it's stock shares from the daily shots Chris has been taking just to stay functional.  
Seriously, by the time Vasher crashes it's beddy-by time for us.  And trying to do anything productive (like blogging ?!) during VASHERTIME is an exercise in futility.  Chris tries his damnedest to be the primary interactive human but come on the poor guy needs a backup just to keep his sanity.  What does all that lead up to?  No blogs.  No social life.  A crash course in patience.  Realizing how much we need and love  each other.   ...And trying to remember that PuppyTime won't last forever - and even though he is INCREDIBLY exasperating at times, he has glimmers of being a great dog - so that's the end game.  I'm confident we'll get there - perhaps looking a bit like Tyrion or Davos (minus a nose or finger from a puppy nip) but we'll get there.  We're both too stubborn not no.    

Now for some new shots... a video mash-up of bath time antics, as well as "Hunger Games" is in the works, but for now this is gonna have to do... Enjoy 

Morning Antics on the deck

That ball is a BIT too big for your mouth pup... for now.. 

A rare moment of stillness

Ahhhh the puppy life - AC, favorite chew toy, and a tennis ball... doesn't get better than that.

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