Friday, July 13, 2012

Basement Camping! ...finally

Yeah Yeah Yeah... I know, this is a loooong time coming.  We're like a video game that keeps hyping ourselves up and keeps pushing back the release date.  I feel your frustration, and the best excuse I can come up with is that I'm an overly anal person, and it took me forever to futz with all these video clips and get them into some kind of coherent collection that lived up to my mediocre skills.  The additional excuses include that I've had a few freak out moments when it comes to raising a puppy and I needed a few mental health days to get back on track.  Thank the maker for Chris being the primary caregiver because I'd have been in a padded cell a few weeks ago!  

ANYHOO... we've been hinting at all the shenanigans that we had to come up with during our time in hell the basement without power (134 hours during the hottest week we can remember for all you who may have miraculously forgotten from my incessant facebook updates).  We made the best of it.  

It was over July 4th (a Wednesday of all days) so while that granted us a day off work, we didn't really get to enjoy it like we wanted... but we still did do our best - we luckily got a 3550 watt generator from Chris's dad about 3 days after we lost power feeding extension cords into the house which we connected the fridge to, as well as trailed down to the basement to run some fans and lights.  Since I wanted nothing with grilling outside in 105 degree temps only to come inside to 95 degree temps to eat, we decided to hook up the George Foreman (do I need a copyright or something?) to grill up some hot sausages and at least do up the 4th of July proper.   Lesson Learned:  a 3550 watt generator does NOT like trying to power a Foreman and a fridge at the same time.  This sucker hoovered more power than the Xbox 360 and Gamez system.  True story.

Basement Grillin'  ...oh yeah

We had plenty of time to take pictures because... lets face it... there isn't much else to do when you are without power.

Vasher n' Daddy.. chillin like villans

I'm sexy and I know it

Photo Bomb

Coolest seat he could find

Ima big boy!

But where are the kitties during all this you say??  They were troopers hanging out upstairs for the most part... even though it was hot as hell up there (thermostat pegged on 90, so my best guess was about 99/100) they lounged around, I kept lots of water on hand for them, and they of course had the option to come join us.  For the most part they wanted nothing to do with a cooped up puppy.  Can't say I blame them.  

Last but not least, we were hard pressed to come up with ways to tire the guy out since he wanted nothing to do with being outside aside from some P&P so hey... what can I say, we improvise.  


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