Friday, July 6, 2012

Dog days of summer...

So remember when it wasn't a daily temperature of "holymotherofgodhotashell" outside??  Yeah neither do we... but it must have been at least a little tolerable when I took this footage of the demon hound our darling puppy a week or so ago.  

In the midst of out 134 hour long power outage (thank the maker for the 3500 watt generator we had to at least run a few fans, lights, and keep our cell phones and laptops charged) my newly purchased video editing software arrived and I had something to keep me occupied while I wasn't grilling hot sausages on the George  Foreman grill (that by-the-way sucks power like a Dyson with a wattage addiction) in the basement (yay Basement Camping!).  

The result is my first foray into video editing... yeah you better watch out Spielberg... 

Enjoy :)


  1. Love it! I'm reading Marley and Me now and watching these videos truly bring a smile to my face too.

  2. Thanks!! I've been working on the next video and should have a new post in the next day or 2 :)