Friday, June 22, 2012

Cruise Intermission - Tower Defense and Jenga

So time for another little break in the story for another installment of "Vasher vs. Cats, Round 2"...

This time, Leia decides to get a bit crafty...  hide and seek!

Unfortunately all it ended up doing was teaching him that the furniture has new and exciting chill spots.

In other news, Chris felt altruistic and purchased a snazzy new cat tower for the Beans* (..ok sidebar time.. "Beans" is a time-honored nickname that I christened the kitties ages ago, and the nickname stuck.. yeah, Little Beans. I dunno what inspired it, the mysteries of my mind are infinite, and it's best not to dig to deep...)

*thank you again love - We (collectively myself, Leia, and Leo) all say THANKS!!

It's safe to say they love it. It's been intact for about 5 hours now and Leia hasn't left - she keeps hopping from perch to perch.

Leo is just happy he fits somewhere... 

Leo also took it upon himself to deal with his own form of security... out come the laser-eyes.

For now all is calm in the land of pups and kits... it's a truce  akin to a massive game of Jenga - one wrong move and it all crashes down. 


  1. wow i love that cat tower!!!!

  2. Yeah it's taller than me! Leia thinks she's hot stuff up there "Queen of the world" lol