Friday, June 15, 2012

Cruise Intermission - First Puppy Bath!

So my original plan was to at least get the full review of our recent Carnival Pride sailing posted before any other posts, but can't let this day go by without a mention...

Puppy boy had his first accident in his crate today, much to my utter sadness - just felt bad for ignoring his barks and whines (although doing the same thing for the past 4 days he did just fine... thus is a puppy bladder I guess - akin to old people and pregnant women).  

So poor Vasher had to lay in his own pee for an undetermined amount of time (probably no more than 30 mins or so for all you tsk tskers out there) and while he was perfectly happy 10 minutes after getting let out when Chris came home for lunch, he definitely had a stink to him, even after a wet towel rub down.

So that leads us to... Vasher's First Bath!  Wooo!  

Little fuzzy wuzzy wasn't so fuzzy was-he? 

He was a champ though, and through the tag team efforts of both of us, me on water duty, Chris on hold-down and suds duty, the little guy was sparkly clean and smelling of tearless baby powder puppy shampoo in no time... 

Of course toweling the drowned boy off after was a chore, and he eyed us with deliberate mistrust afterward for having to be subjected to such an evil activity.  

...And then he turned into SPAZZ MATAZZ... seriously, he must have channeled his inner Ozzy because he turned into the Crazy Train afterwards... and of course both cats were hanging out behind the door wondering just what the hell was going on in here... 

And Leo just wouldn't back down... 

(yes Leo is declawed up front)

Oy... what a night!  

Vasher's back to his fuzzable self (alternating between extreme bouts of cute sleepiness and crazy puppiness)
I dunno which toy to choose!!

And Leo is back to his normal aloofness

So all is right with the world... for tonight at least.  

Nighty Night.  


  1. LOL......puppy power!

    Jason Poole

    1. haha hey J! yep all he needs is a little cape and he'll be all set