Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Beginning...

So hi there!  We're Chris and Cassandra from central Maryland (smack in the middle between DC and Baltimore).  We are engaged to be married next year, and are cruising enthusiasts and the proud owners of three little fur-babies - a new 2-month old Australian Shepherd puppy named Vasher, and two Siamese cats, aged 11 and 12 named Leia and Leo.  

Chris and I met in August 2008 and quickly realized we were meant to be together.  Fast forward to May 2009 and I moved down to Maryland with my 2 cats and we moved in together.  He is by no means a cat person, but we were deemed a package deal and he was willing to abide by their meows and love of paperbacks to have me. 

In November 2009, Chris took me on my first cruise for my 30th and we both were hooked.  Since then, we’ve taken 5 total cruises – and we started doing reviews for the last 3 of them (and will continue to do so!)  We also love to travel to other places, but through cruising and now our new puppy may not visit as many other places as we want to for a while. 
So follow along as we tell our tales of our Trips, Sails, and of course the daily shenanigans with all of these fur-baby tails! 

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