Friday, June 29, 2012

Mass Hysteria Round 2 - Come Into My Castle

So in the ever-eventful land of Dogs and Cats! Living Together! We often get to complete the quote with MASS HYSTERIA.

Usually it involves the Fat Man himself - Leo "Lunchbox" Kitty and Vasher the Thrasher because unlike Leia, Vasher hasn't quite gotten up the gumption to try to !PLAY! with Leo. Mostly because Leo Ain't Having It, whereas Leia has been sighted giving the young pup a a tease now and again.

Unfortunately the latter hasn't yet been captured for posterity yet. I'm convinced that I'm going to have to strap the camera to myself during all waking hours, it's like trying to catch a Sasquatch on film sometimes.

We were lucky enough to get this sighting... Leo's got his full on Grumpy Old Man Pants on here... 

And he'd rather dig in for the fight than give up his well-earned seat. I can just hear him thinking "..dammit I was here first you rotten mongrel...."

C'mon Leo, Vasher just wants to plan "Come into my Castle" - don't you read Game of Thrones??

Why doesn't he wanna play?! I'm CUTE!!

Oh... alllllllll Riiiiight.......:::sighs::

Round 2 to Leo, but this battle ain't over yet.

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